Only You Can Create Your Happiness

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.”   Time by Pink Floyd

This was my high school yearbook quote. I have always loved this quote. But as I read this song line now in my life I realize that if you wait for someone or something to show you the way, you may be surprised that you never find your way.

I was never one to really dream big. I was very content with the way my life was running. I didn’t realize that I wanted more out of life or that more was possible. I thought that someone or something was going to show me the way. That never happened.

I have come to a point in my life where I know what is important to me and what are the things that make me truly happy. It took a couple of big losses to make me take a step back and do some true self-evaluation. My evaluation came back telling me I was not a very positive or happy person. So I decided to change that.

I do things now that make me happy and bring me joy. I think positive. I have become a better person because of this. I feel that my children are happier when I am happier. It benefits everyone around you when you are happy. The law of attraction. Happy attracts happy 🙂

I am no longer waiting to find my way. That is a waste of time. I have shown myself the way and I like where I’m headed.

Do things that make you happy. Be positive. It’s never to late to find your way!


Brian Glennon












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